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March 06, 2015


Ivy Mansky

I recall when I first moved in with my husband, I looked for employment and felt uncomfortable depending on him. Someone said, "you live a block away from Zabar's. You'll never go hungry." He was right.
It was delightful reading the anecdotes.

Jill Idelman

It was the spring of 1988 and I was in my late 20’s. Only a few years out of college, (a graduate of
Kansas State University) I had found myself unsure of my future as a radio news reporter. I decided to
take an adventure and took a position as a House Manager for a family who resided in The Dakota. Part
of my responsibilities was to stock the kitchen of food supplies necessary in cooking and feeding
for this wonderful family. I will always remember the first time my instructions for shopping included
directions and a small grocery list to Zabar’s. Being from Kansas, the name Zabar’s seemed odd to my
mid-western ear. But I was excited to journey away from the neighborhood grocer near 72nd and
Columbus. Walking west to Broadway and uptown to the “low 80’s” was one of my first adventures
on that first week in living in my favorite city! As I approached the area, I recall seeing H & H Bagels, and
then my final destination, Zabar’s. The aromas that touched my senses were unforgettable. I was in awe
of the hundreds of cheese varieties…in Kansas we had maybe 5! The aroma of the fish, bakery, breads
and coffees were the most fabulous smells I had ever experienced in a supermarket.
However, on that spring day in April of 1988, I had one mission…
That mission was to purchase two Zabar’s Chicken Pot Pies. I had no idea that one could purchase a
large pot pie that was not in an aluminum foil container and came in a small blue box. My mother was a
fabulous cook, but chicken pot pies were reserved for the night’s we had a babysitter...and they were
frozen! Zabar’s Chicken Pot Pies became one of my favorite meals with my “new” New York, Upper
West Side family. My time in New York as a semi-resident was only for about 18 months. As I made the
choice to return to the mid-west to be married and start my own family. Each time I return to NYC for a
visit, Zabar’s is ALWAYS on the list. To this day, I receive the Zabar’s catalog and weekly email
blogs… and dream of the memories of living in New York City, The Dakota Apartment’s and the best
Chicken Pot Pie’s a mid-western girl could EVER taste.
Mazel Tov, Zabar’s to 80 fabulous years and thank you for being part of my life’s favorite memories!

Steven Blum

Zabars is and always will be a New York icon. I am from Detroit and when I visit New York, it is number one on my go to list. From all the wonderful smells and vast array of products makes Zabars a no brainier destination point.

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