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October 27, 2014


Hali Helfgott

I moved to NYC from my hometown of Los Angeles in 1993 to begin graduate school at Columbia University. My first food shopping trip was to Zabar's. I also bought a food processor that has moved with me through the years until I settled back in LA. Just this year, 20 years after my first visit to Zabar's, it decided it was time to go to food processor heaven. But what hasn't died is my love for your wonderful store. Now, when I visit New York, I head to Zabar's the morning before my flight to buy your canvas bag and pack it full of goodies - babka, bagels, coffee, etc. Happy 80th Anniversary, Zabar's, and I hope to see you again soon.

Coco Cherny

I fell in love with NYC at first sight. That was about 25 years ago, I was on my honey moon and I couldn´t believe my eyes since the very beginning.
It was snowing, the whole city was dressed in Christmas style, yellow cabs everywhere, skyscrapers, people from every corner of the world on the streets, Central Park, the smell of hot pretzels flirting with our noses… it was better than what I´ve seen in movies. It was being in a movie!!
I remember the excitement. And I also remember my wife and I walking from 9 to 21, taking hundreds of photographs (in spite there were no cell phones or digital cameras at the time) trying to know, to live and to absorb the spirit of all the neighborhoods of the city.
One of those walks took us to Zabar´s. And I have to admit that it was love at first sight too!! I’m not going to mention any of the feelings in there. I just wanna tell that every time I came back to NYC I came back to Zabar´s. So, the question is: do I love New York or do I love Zabar´s?
Maybe both. Or may be the Zabar’s cup I have breakfast with every morning in my country (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is closer to a real answer.


Born on the UWS, of several generations of UWSers. Strong memory of that original, single storefront where my mother would buy all kinds of wonderful treats, especially lox wing scraps. We had very little money, but we sure ate well!!

Leesa Dean

I'm a native New Yorker and have spent my entire life going to Zabars, first with my parents, now as an adult--getting bread, appetizers, cheese and pastries. And, I've purchased nearly every appliance in my kitchen from you guys.

So glad you're around and hope you're around for another 80.

Jane Pyenson

We live in "Jersey" and rent on the Upper West Side and Zabar's is my favorite shopping experience! But unlike Fairways you don't have any stores in Jersey. Please celebrate your 80th by spreading the wealth 😄

Howard Sage

How in the world do 80 Riverside Drive (Riverside Towers) 50 West 85th Street, 323 West 82nd Street, and 104 Riverside Drive connect with each other? They are addresses where then innocent, new-to-New York residents, may have lived in the 60s and 70s as they tested themselves on NYC streets.

They did their laundry at the 78th Street Laundromat that Susan Sheehan made famous in The New Yorker; they tried Cuban Chinese cuisine at La Caridad (78th and Broadway); and had semi-formal breakfasts at the coffee shop between 79th and 80th.

Friday and Saturday nights, however, did not feel complete if one did not meet up intentionally or by chance with a friend or friends close to midnight at Zabar’s. Festive, luxurious, warming, intense, and tasty describe the quality of the experience one could digest at that hour at that place. And that’s without even mentioning the fulfilling moments of having a knish to take home, pickles to savor, and even some tantalizing breakfast tidbits for Sunday morning. Remember, the friendliness and kindness of the workers drew people there at that hour week after week, month after month, year after year.

In latter days Zabar servers even offered forgiveness to those who had “sinned” at H & H Bagels. ☺

Recall and enjoy.


My family and I live in San Diego, CA and every year we order the mini black and white cookies. It is a family tradition and has been for many years. We may not be close to Zabar's, but thank goodness you ship so we can keep tradition alive! :)

Sharon Wilson

I was introduced to Zabar's just a few years ago, by two dear friends when we came into NYC for the Red & White Quilt Show. I am hooked, the coffee, the Babka, the Rugalasch, and Farmer's Cheese are just out of this world. I could shop upstairs all day looking through the cooking stuff and always find something new.
We come to NYC for the bead show in the spring and fall and always stop at Zabar's on our way out. We save the best for last.

Victoria Charkut

My husband and I shopped at Zabars for over 25 years. We schlepped over from East 82nd on our bicycles for 10 years, then moved to 250 West 78th Street where I happily skipped up the couple of blocks at least 3 times a week to get my fresh rye, lox, the multitude of cheeses I grew to know and hundreds of wonderful gourmet items for my cooking. We've now moved away and I do miss Zabars. I will say however, it was extremely disappointing at the end to know I had shopped there for over 25 years and not one person, manager, salesclerk but esp managers cared to know or call me by my name or recognize that I was there again. Ah well. Is that NYC?

Stacy Colonna

Born on the UWS - Zabars has been a "birthright". From my grandma bringing back onion rolls, lox and other goodies and then when I was old enough - taking me on her 2 block "journey" to this crowded place where she exclaimed "they say if you can see the floor then you aren't doing good business"! I've watched it grow and yet remain true to its roots. I still go every week and bob and weave through the crowd, kibbitzing with others (which is another tradition) and helping them to find the delights that are like no other! You are part of our family and we LOVE YOU!

Fran Milo

We first were introduced to Zabar's in 1986, on a visit from Indiana for the Macy's parade. I have been a loyal purchaser of Zabar's coffee beans ever since. I have had many a guest in my house when given a cup of fresh ground Zabar's coffee have asked where I buy my coffee, because it is Delicious1

Lois Lilling

About 20 years ago when I was visiting NYC with my new husband, we were tired of eating in restaurants, going to shows and shopping, so I made the suggestion that we go to Zabars and purchase our dinner (lox, bagels, etc.) and eat in our hotel suite. He had never been to Zabars, but I had lived most of my life in NYC and was well acquainted with its deliciousness. The weather was dreadful (we were living in Hollywood, Florida), but we made it to the store.
When we entered, the aroma was overwhelmingly wonderful and it took us what seemed like forever to see all that was available. We didn't want to leave. But we made our choices and headed back to our hotel. That night there was a terrible snow storm, but we were comfortable and ate our scrumptious dinner while watching TV and thinking of all the poor unfortunates trying to get around the city. That night was memorable for us.

Bernard simon

Please , when international shipping . May be for dry goods ?!?!?! We miss you .

Alix Wall

When my mother was dying of breast cancer, we had many of those important conversations one has with a dying loved one. One of the most memorable, and emotional, was her making sure I knew she wanted my dad to find love again, and that in no way was it a betrayal of her; that I was to even encourage him to date again once he was ready. Another less emotional conversation, but no less memorable, was her making sure I knew that her New York shiva -- my parents were bicoastal -- would be catered by Zabar's. That's so her, ensuring everyone who came to pay their last respects was well-fed. Writing this 12 years after the fact brings a smile to my face, and I thank my dear friend Ilana who directed me to your site after getting your email requesting such stories, saying, "Why don't you tell them about how your mom wanted Zabar's to cater her shiva?")

roberta hollander

In 1975, the brand-new Cuisinart food processor first went on sale, and Zabar’s had it for $135. It was $190 at the department stores. No-brainer, said I and hundreds of others. Zabar’s quickly ran out of Cuisinarts and gave out 962 rain checks to those of us who hadn't been able to get up to 80th St. fast enough. But Cuisinart refused to ship the store any more machines. Zabar’s said it was being punished for cutting the price, and so complained to the FTC and sued Cuisinart for $5 million. Now what? Zabar’s started contacting smaller stores around town, buying up Cuinsinarts like crazy and warehousing them. Finally, at the end of 1976, Zabar’s announced it would start honoring the rain checks. We all schlepped up to 80th and got our life-changing machines. The story in New York Times (12/1/1976) began, “Roberta Hollander filed her rain check under ‘Kitchen’ and forgot about it.”

Barbro Nygren

When I arrived in New York from Sweden 1960,it was very hard to find any"googies" that I craved.Found Zabar's and I will never forget the Black Russian Loaf of bread that you could buy per piece and weight as the loaf was rather large.I found loads of familiar groceries and specialties so Zabar's became my store from then on.Shopped for 17 years in this store and when I come to New York I must visit Zabar's


I'm from the Washington, D.C. area. Whenever I come up to NYC, I make sure to leave time to hit Zabar's. Or I ask friends who are coming up to get something for me. As odd as it sounds, I know the exact end cap where the Delancey poppy seed and chocolate swirl cakes are, so I can give my friends instructions, or get them myself. Just don't move them, or things will get very confusing.

Arlene Weissman

This Philly girl, feels it's not a trip to New York City without stopping at Zabar's. Here one find delicacies difficult to purchase elsewhere. For me it's gravlox and my favorite olives. Many years ago, in Madrid, I was served olives that had a unique buttery flavor. Imagine my delight when I found them in your store. Wishing Zabar's many more years of putting smiles on their customer's faces.

Elizabeth Busch-Le Ne'

1972 found me at the airport in Casablanca en route to Marrakesh. Posing as a world-weary traveler,drama queen that I am, I was standing in aloof solitude but within eavesdropping-distance from a gaggle of American tourists.I was enjoying my exotic fantasy but forgot I was toting a Zabar's shopping bag with some snacks to nosh on the plane.Suddenly,the entire group pounced on me,saying "Not only are you an American, you're a New Yorker and probably an Upper West-sider."! My cover was blown. That gang of fellow UWS-ers became my closest friends. Forty-two years later we're still pals...and all because of my Zabar's shopping bag!

David Fisher

The shipping service is always great . The
products are the best .


I named my little orange and white dog Zabar - that should say it all! I grew up as a child eating coffee beans from the barrel at Zabar's while my parents shopped, and I attribute my lifelong addition to Zabar's coffee to those early days. Zabar's taught me an incredible vocabulary which I have passed on to my own kids, third generation Zabar's fans: the difference between the best varieties of lox, the fact that coffee is Colombian Supremo, not spelled like the university uptown, the list goes on. Happy birthday Zabar's - may you reign forever on Broadway at 80th. As the old poster says, "Life Without Zabar's - very unappetizing!"

Ellen Tannebaum

Zabar's is fantastic! When I think of the Jewish Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, I think about fresh bagels, outrageous "shmears", and food prepared with love! I thank Zabar's for being an integral part of my fabulous memories of my childhood! I hope Zabar's is around forever!

Jamshed Batliwala

I am not Jewish, but I absolutely love Zabars. In fact, I drive 80 miles from Connecticut just to shop at Zabars. The breads are fabulous and I buy several loaves and freeze them. The belly salmon is to die for, as is the chopped liver, herrings in cream and the apple strudel. As an added bonus, more times than not there are fantastic sales on cheese - brie for only a buck. Unbeatable.

Rhina Herrera

I have always been a faithful customer of Zabar's and highly recommend your cheese department (as well as the rest of your store) to all of my friends and family. I especially recommend it to foreigners when they come to visit NY and are looking for a unique gourmet store. Thank you Zabar's for all of these years of good service.

Cindy Klein

I have used your services many times and I have always been happy with the services I received.

The way my orders have been packed was outstanding.

The food was wonderful, the service was excellent.

Thank you for never disappointing me.

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