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March 21, 2011


Double Glazing

It pays to know what kind of coffee you love to have from your coffee maker. For most brews, drip coffee makers are all right. For espresso, a dedicated espresso machine is the only one that will do.

Allison S

Hi Hoskins!

You ask an excellent question.

The biggest difference between the Aerobie Aeropress and the Melita brewing methods is that with the Aeropress method, all of the ground coffee is steeped for the same amount of time, thus you get a very even extraction. With the Melita drip through method, the coffee in the cone is extracted for varying lengths of time, which means that you are getting both under- and over-extracted coffee. Overbrewed coffee = bitterness, and underbrewed coffee = waste and thin flavor. Even extraction is also the advantage of the French press method, but the Aeropress filters out the fine particulate that even the best French press leaves in your coffee.

Hope this answers your question!


Hoskins Smith

How is this different from melita?

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