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February 04, 2011


Marty Krutolow

As animal rights issues are increasingly brought to the attention of the public along with both the health benefits, (yes, usually weight loss too), and the terrible environmental impact of America's meat based diet, you will see an increasing demand for vegan products.

Right now those of us who choose veganism, no matter the reason we came to this decision or the degree with which we currently commit to it, those of us searching for a meatless meal or product do have certain gauntlets to run every time we shop or eat out in a non vegan establishment. The culling through ingredient lists on products which are not marked with the "V" vegan symbol, (and that sometimes involves flipping the package over to all 6 sides as there is no standard size or placement), can at times be nothing short of daunting and occasionally touches on frustrating. More than once I've reached for the "Vegetable Soup," only to see the first ingredient is chicken stock. Argh!

Putting the word "vegan" next to a menu item is no longer synonymous with tasteless tofu mixed with branches and yard scrapings as your chefs prove every day with delicious animal free dishes.

Zabar's can take the next step in attracting the huge vegan market, which by default includes vegetarians, (but doesn't work in the opposite direction as something being labeled "vegetarian" is so open to interpretation it borders on the useless), by clearly marking both those dishes cooked in-house and products which are animal free with clear "VEGAN" labels and making an updated and current list of all vegan products, (and their shelf location within the store), readily available at the entrance to each store.

Marty's Flying Vegan Review

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