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March 19, 2015


Linda D. Borrelli

How Zabar's Saved My Mother's Life...

It was August 1993 and my mom, Rachel, had a physical exam. Her doctor insisted that she be hospitalized for an overnight test to monitor her heart. Mom was a little bit scared and not liking the idea, yet followed the doctors orders.

I decided to cheer her up so I drove down from Westchester, NY and went to Zabar's. The shop she and I would visit around the holidays where we'd buy the best seeded rye bread, a variety of cheeses, luscious dried fruits and simply the best strudels. So I bought her favorite ...Cheese Strudel. That night I brought it to her at the hospital and she was delighted. However, she ate a little bit more than a healthy slice. The next day she wasn't feeling too well and asked the doctor to also check her gallbladder. She said "I think I have a problem there." So he listened to her and after many tests it was confirmed that an operation was needed to explore a further major looming problem he had suspected.

A few weeks later in September a Whipple operation was performed determining that it was the beginning of pancreatic cancer. She was in that hospital recovering for 33 days. Had she not eaten that cheese strudel this never would have been discovered at such an early stage. Amazingly, here it is 22 years later, she is a relatively healthy and vibrant 92 year old who is a pancreatic cancer survivor. At the time she went around telling everybody that her daughter saved her life but we all know it was really Zabar's that gets top billing for that Miracle! Thank you Zabar's for your delicious cheese strudel and for saving my mother's life! Mazol Tov to all.

Linda D. Borrelli

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